Despite the rise of online trading and Ecommerce, Forbes had predicted that in 2019, 88%of all sales will still occur in store. Its time for retailers to change the game, but the key is taking technology, and bringing to the shopper and not reverse.

So we’re helping delivering entertaining experience to the shopper without asking them how they behave today.

DIGITAL INTERACTION offers double digits sales uplifting high velocity categories along with meaningful shape insight. This can be through Smart Shelf Stripes, LCD panels, Digital Vertical Flags, LED Posters, Rear Projectors, 3D Holograms, Video Walls, and Interactive Kiosks.


SCANNING SOLUTIONS FOR COMMUNITIES card reader is a unique product which is installed at communities entrances.

Kiosks can be designed and Produced for many outdoor or indoor applications.



Going through the entire project was challenging for our teams in Dubai and Jeddah.

7 meters width back wall with top LED screens was designed , produced in Dubai, and installed at Danube red sea mall in Jeddah in 2016.

Attention to many details and high quality standards were the major criteria that uplifted the unit to a showcase level.