Kit Display Middle-East Established in Dubai, UAE in 2005, is a retail design solution provider providing leading-edge solutions for Brand Presence and Consumer Engagement at the point of purchase across the entire market channels and stores, across the Middle East and Arica regions.

Combined with several manufacturing facilities, and digital equipment developers is what makes us different. We can deliver the ‘visionary future of retail’ today. We keep retailers and brands ahead of the curve by connecting digital and in-store: in other words, we bring the physical and digital retail worlds together giving us – and you – a competitive advantage.


Dubai – UAE based company since 2005 , specialized in Retail solutions designing and manufacturing, Covering the middle east and African regions.

With a very powerful teams of designers , engineers, and project managers, Kit display managed to partner up with the top multinational brands in the region and handle their inquiries throughout the last 15 years.

Digital solutions and mobile rewards had been added to Kit display services and portfolio to match current market inquiries and updated technologies to enhance shopper experience and maximize sales figures for our customers.


"I have been working with KIT display Dubai for over 8 years. I have to say that the staff is very professional. The quality of the displays is remarkable , and the durability is unquestioned. The designer team is very creative and always comes with solutions that exceeds any business requirements expectations. I would recommend KIT display Dubai For any company, that really wants to stand out, in displaying their Merchandise."
Sherif El Melaigy
Vice President sales and marketing Dubai refreshments
Pepsi Cola Bottler
"Worked with KIT DISPLAY Dubai for a bit over 14 years and I have consistently seen great quality, punctuality & great value in return. KIT DISPLAY has worked on several brands like Gillette, Pampers, Ariel, Oral B, Duracell, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, which is quite a diverse range however they have succeeded to understand our brands equities/messages and designed solutions that caters every brand needs. What makes KIT DISPLAY DUBAI a strong supplier is: Will to learn and understand what each brand delivers, Punctuality and Speed of delivery at a high quality, Overtime they have built enough trust in this areas, Value for money. All the above and more are core reasons for having worked with KIT DISPLAY DUBAI for years passed and years to come."
Ahmad El Mahdy
Senior VP Oral care AMA
P&G Gulf



Hazem Fayoumi

Group founder | Chairman

Omar Bardissi

Senior Graphic Designer

Mohammad Gohar

General Manager

May Santos

Client Relationship Manager

Dina Abdallah

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Ahmad Hosny

Client Service Officer